Donnerstag, 10. April 2014


It has lready been two weeks since I was invited to the FUNKSALON at the ORF Funkhaus in Eisenstadt, to talk with host Ms Eva Hilinger, fashion writer and expert Ms Elisabeth Längle (live connected by video wall from the ORF Landesstudio Vorarlberg) as well as with artist Ms Hermine Schlag, about  ´wearable art - what is fashion and who makes fashion´. 

cosy lounge atmosphere at the Funkhaus Eisenstadt,
from left to right: Ms Hillinger, me and Ms Schlag
(image: ORF, March 2014)
It was a fantastic evening in a comfortable atmosphere (the broadcasting room looked like a vintage lounge, with moody lights) and we talked about fashion, trends and art. Thanks to the great audience and my supporters - Sharing my expertise with you was a pleasure!

for more info follow this link (in German) 

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