Montag, 27. Mai 2013

making it 3-dimensional

wrapping skirt over loose fitting panel-dress
(image: wukovits 2013)
This weekend I started with toiling my design ideas on the stand. Making simple pattern shapes, without any proper pattern cutting - just with simple calculation and planning.

I am using two different weights of toiling fabric and afterwards I am going to manipulate some of the fabrics to get a similar effect to my textile designs. Taking experience from my interships, I am using quite similar fabric qualities to that ones my final designs will be made out of. It feels so good to be back at the cutting table as well as at the sewing machine, producing one sample after the other. Absolutely excited seeing my latest desing ideas getting a 3 dimensional shape! Unbelievable how I missed sewing and the actual tailoring process. My excitement pushes me in my working-flow and gives good energy to create more in a short time. The next process in my development will be the imitation of my fabric designs on the toiling fabric to place the different qualities to their perfect place on the garment, to create a good overall design. I think that positioning the fabric will be the most important part in the design process - after all the fabrics are completing the garment.

variation of the panel-dress, combined with the
wrapping skirt (image: wukovits 2013)
wrapping skirt as a "dress" over the
panel-dress (image: wukovits 2013)

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