Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

Vienna in December

Visitng some inspiring exhibitions and enjoying some Viennese flair. I want to share some impressions of the Scientific Sking feat. Bare Conductive-exhibition at the MAK, Vienna, which is a trend-setting showcase of brilliant and futuristic research/projects that combines textiles, fashion and science. This exhibition is showcasing an installation, inspired by the designs of the Wiener Werkstätte that interacts with the energetic capacities of the human body. Sounds like a sci-fi-item, but its just simple science paired with design. Great research going on and now I became a massive fan of Carol Christian Poell (creating artificial skin/leather) and Sonja Bäumel (growing bacteria-textiles out of own body-bacteria) - simply loving their approach!

Pae White´s massive tapestry (left+right) & my beloved neon sign at the MAK Design Space (centre)
(images: Wukovits, 2013)
If you make it to the MAK, don´t forget to have a look at Pae White´s work with the title ORLLEGRO. Drawing inspiration from the MAK archieve, Pae White is creating magic tapestry that is described with an old-fashioned textile-expression, discribing something magical, an artificial material and immitation. She is playing with historical iconography in tapestry and withing this context she is contrasting the opulence of the material (golden and silver threads) with nearly unimportant matter - computer generated.

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