Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2013


wire-denim-crowns complementing the CRO-DENTITY-project
(images: Wukovits 2013)

As CRO-DENTITY is an conceptual collection it was important to tell a story. My story is about myself, my cultural identity as well as my desire to sustain that cultural identity for the future. Inspired by the Japanese fashion and textile designers and their approach to their identity inspired me a lot - it was the driving force in this project. I am trying to bring the cultural identity of the Burgenland Croats into the 21st century by looking at their everyday life, their goods, their cultural rites as was as their religious belief. By investigating further into their cultural beliefs, I discovered that the Mother Mary is the icon as well as "the queen of the Croat". As her halo might have been and inspiration already for the traditional costumes´ headpieces, it was a main inspiration for my headpieces that should underpin my concept. Re-using denim it also links again to the resourcefulness, as my ancestors used to be very resourceful people.

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