Samstag, 22. Juni 2013


Moodboard Moscow - tradition meets innovation in an
unusual way (image: Wukovits 2013)

Unbelievable, but I visited MOSCOW - what a city, full of research sources! This city definitely has its own own flair and its own rules. It is a pure inspiration in terms of random and outstanding things. Beside the touristic attractions I found bizarre objects such as Russian dolls with politicians and dictators on it as well as a lot of “left-overs” from the communistic era. 

Colour-mood Moscow - different shades of reds clash with matt golds
(image: Wukovits 2013)

Besides being inspired by its marks of time that tell the historic story of the city, I was drawn to the gorgeous dressing of the gigantinc shop-windows of the luxurious department stores of the Russian capital. UNBELIEVALBE  (traditional as well as "old-school") visual merchandising throughout the city!

TSUM Moscow - nowhere you will see cars being worth
more than a win in the lottery parking in front
(image: Wukovits 2013)

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