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research review #2: PARIS

First stop of the research in Paris was at the matériO-material-library, with an introduction into the concept and the services of the material library. Fascinating materials as well as a good service for designers and architects who are looking for outstanding materials.

Paris moodboard - February 2013
(images: Wukovits 2013)
Fruther on I visited Mokuba (posh ribbons), the quirky la Droguerie shop and the fantastic Japanese ribbon provider Shindo (my favourite!). I know these places from my last year´s visit to Paris and expected to find as much as possible interesting “material” for my project, but I wasn´t that successful this year. I also stopped at Colette in the 1st arrondissement. I was impressed by its great visual presentation as well as its outstanding product range. Next to the quite shocking prices, I really enjoyed the display of the latest fashion on the first floor. Exciting fashion - Great display -  Inspiring store!

Trend Union

This was THE highlight of this research trip – visiting the Trend Union of Lidewij Edelkoort. Fantastic presentation (fantastic visuals and audio-visuals!) about Li´s work as well as about trend forecasting in general.  I learned a lot of new thing and got a deeper insight into trend prediciton! By the way: Li Edelkoort danced in front of me...


There is definitely no Paris visit without going to Merci (Where can you spend 35€ on masking tape!?)in Marais and walking through the streets, doing some window-shopping at galleries and boutiques. Merci is always a source of inspiration, just the visual appearance and the styling in the shops is an inspiration itself. I captured lots of interesting textures and surfaces in the streets of Marais, which enriched my visual research.  And I didn´t forget to go to Ultramod, a fantastic ribbon shop in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. One part of the shop is selling all kinds of ribbons, buttons and some silk fabrics, and the other part it an old millinery-supplier shop, which is just opened on request (the shop assistant needed an extra door handle to get into the store!). In that vintage part of Ultramod I was browsing through some expensive, really old ribbons, fabrics and haberdashery for hat making. Exciting, but quite expensive -but always worth visiting it! 

Première Vision

This year´s exposition was not that exciting and inspiring than last year´s. It didn´t deliver that great inspirations for to me. Anyway it was a positive experience and I am glad that went. There were still some fabrics, colours and displays that attracted me. Première Vision is still an impressive and important exposition. It isn´t just a great source for people in fashion and textiles, it is also great for designers from all areas. 

Fashioning Fashion at les Arts Décoratifs

What a disappointment, the Fashioning Fashion – deux siècles de mode européenne 1700-1915 - exhibition ! I expected a completely different exhibition as well as more inspiration or research material. It is a perfectly designed and curated exhibition, but "non-exciting". The only thing what I learned from this exhibition (and didn´t know before) that during the French Revolution people were attaching messages (mostly political ones) onto their garments. I continued my visit in the Trompe l´Oeil – imitations, pastiches et autres illusions -exhibition area. I thought this might be useful, because when reading the Martin Margielas 20 years exhibition-catalogue, I also discovered that he is using the Trompe l´Oeil effect in his work. In the end I saw the Star Wars-exhibition, which turned out to be a toy- and merchandise exposition.

On the whole, I very much enjoyed the days in Paris, although I am a bit disappointed, that I couldn´t find the expected amount of inspiration for my work. It was anyway a good experience, I learned lots of new things and am thankfully, that I had the opportunity to visit exciting places. Besides that I discovered to date for me new, exciting areas in Paris.

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