Montag, 7. Januar 2013

spontaneous research

dress-apron in a fake blue print fabric + a jacket-blouse (around 1970)
(images: Wukovits 2012)

That is the outcome, when sitting with your family, talking about your project and quoting ridiculous articles form 1953 and 1966: grandmother Valerie telling you about dressing habits of great grandmother Anna (which Anna practised, as long as she was living) and pulling out the self-made textile-treasures of her "magic cupboard".

“I think it is important to preserve and archive textile traditions. I believe the authenticity and humanised tactility of craft processes become increasingly important in a digital world.”- CORALIE BONNET*

*Coralie Bonnet (2012) Embroidery explorations. Available: Last accessed 06th December 2012.

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