Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

surface + structure

close-ups of current design developments
(images: Wukovits 2013)

“Surface can mean texture, the outer layer, a membrane. Through the surface can mean something emerging or beyond the immediately visible.” - LESLEY MILLAR*

This week I have been experimenting with different kinds of techniques in my sketchbook for visualizing my ideas of surface and structure, inspired by ageing and flaky surfaces. 

Besides that I started researching into patina. The idea therefore came from old family photographs of traditional Costumes of the Burgenland Croats as well as from my interest in ageing surfaces. Some might ask at this point "how is this related to each other?". Both inspiration sources show a surface layer with sturcture, and behind that, there is a sense of (hi)story, a sense of extinction as well as a sense of identiy.

*Josephine Steed and Frances Stevenson (2012) Basics in Textile Design 01: Sourcing Ideas. Lausanne: AVA Publishing SA. p101.

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