Montag, 19. November 2012

simeon farrar

Today I had the delight to listen and talk to the most inspiring artist/designer I have ever met:Simeon Farrar Simeon was telling about his background and his way from being a fine art graduate to be a fashion designer. What an impressive and unusual carreer! 

I was justed impressed by the way how he was talking about fashion industry in Europe in general and how he thinks about fashion. Big and wise words from someone who tought himself how to saw.

(image: Wukovits 2012)

"Fashion should be about breaking rules." - SIMEON FARRAR

And he did break the rules with his latest project black score when handing out T-Shirts to all the visitors (mostly celebrities) who were on their way to Somerset House to the fashion shows.

Simeon Farrar is a London based fashion designer, who sells his work all over Europe, Japan and the US. In the UK his work is availabe at Liberty´s, Viola and Donna Ida in London. He is well known for his unusual approach to screen printing on textiles

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