Freitag, 20. April 2012

time to print

 On today´s timetable: PRINTNG!
fluorescent prints on cotton-tencel-acrylic-knit, indigo tie-dyed
I was trying out the new fluorescent printing paste I bought in London a few weeks ago. To save the main colours(orange, pink) I printed the sample withthe green paste. The paste is working quite well and it isn´t necessary to use that much of it for printing with the screen.

  The experiments with indigo-dyeing are going on perfectly but aren´t that good working with too delicate knits as well as the printing didn´t work that well on them. But there is still enought time to find a good solution for that "problem". The contrast of the rich, dark indigo blue with the bright fluorescent printing paste is just AMAZING.

prints on washed paper cloth

Further I was completely suprised by the result on the washed paper cloth (bought in Soho) - fantastic! The paste works well with the this amazing fabric.

here you are - today´s output
sample on a piece of denim

On the whole: Completly satisfied with this week´s results as well as with reaching all the goals I fixed at the beginning of this week. But - there is still a lot of work to do! 

...looking forward to next week´s printing sessions.

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