Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

latest news from the dye-house

Proudly presenting the latest coup from yesterday´s dyeing session 
with indigo and my self-made jerseys.

before dyeing - the tied pieces of silk-tencel-lycra-jersey

just after a 2 hour bath in the indigo dye
When the dying process is finished, the samples must be washed thoroughly - washing-off bigger pieces of fabric by hand takes AGES. If washing-off the fabric with the washing machine, the white part of the sample wouldn´t stay white and would turn into a light blue, because the indigo is bleeding.

latest bit - knitted on tuesday, dyed on wednesday
 Because of using different kinds of yarns, the colour on the pattern (tencel)
isn´t that intensive like on the background, which is silk.

here the are - 3 of the 4 finished dyeing-samples

And now:
let´s print some fluorescent patterns on them!

   just for colour inspriation...

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