Freitag, 23. März 2012


"I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike

Like in QUEEN`s song BICYLE RACE you feel when you are walking through the streets of London. You can definitely feel and see that London is one of the most by a bike cruised cities in the world. No wonder, that the photographer Horst A. Friedrich created a whole book just with Londoner cyclists - but not any cylists! Friedrich delivered a miscellaneous book with photographs from people who transfer their style as well as their way of living on their bikes in the streets of London. With CYCLE STYLE the London based photographer shows that cycling is not just a sport, that it could be embeded into our lives and that it could be a part of our daily routine - last but not least: that cycling could be done in a stylish way and not just with weather-proof clothes.

some bikes I found in the streets of London deliver me inspiration for new designs

Definitely worth buying this book - it´s amazing!

Here is the link to an article about this book from DER STANDARD (in German):

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