Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

Long John´s and J.Bird´s home

the bridge with the J.Bird logo
Have I ever dreamed of visiting John Smedley and being a proud mistress of some beautiful John Smedley knitwear? - I definitely haven´t!
Anyway, yesterday during a beautiful afternoon I had the change to visit
the headquarter of the well-known and esthablished John Smedley company.

This by an ancestor of Florence Nightingale, Mr.Peter Nightingale, established company still lives 100% British fashion knitwear. The whole area of the factory is just "history live" which is most noticeable from the historical buildings which "grew" together in the course of time. Many good old knitting machines produce next to the hight-tech ones - this shows, that the good-old-machines are still the best and outlive any modernizations!

an insight into the pressing-hall
Good old British quality!

 "Did you know, that John Smedley donates annually 12 items of his knitwear to HRM The Queen?"

Not just good machines are responsible for the excellent quality of John Smedley products also the workers, especially the women in the finishing department deliver a great job to achieve the best-possible.

After a detailed and interesting guidance through the home of long John´s, the trousers-part of a long underwear for men as well as the explanation, why the J.Bird logo  stands for John Smedley, I finally captured some beautiful John Smedley knitwear.

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