Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

berlin calling

3rd month of this year - 3rd big city in Europe

The last 4 days I visited with some friends Berlin, the capital of Germany and once through the Wall a seperated city. More than 20 years later there is no more wall, but still a lot that reminds of those past days in a seperated world. But in the last few years Berlin has grown to one of the most interesting and creative cities in Europe. Loads of graffities, different kinds of wall-paintings and other street art-stuff can be seen in every district of Berlin.

fur, fur, fur
handbags and more handbags
Each Sunday there is a flee-market at the Mauerpark, where are next to vintage and used stuff also products from young fashion designers or creative people, like potters, jewellers or photographers sold. Really impressive - you can get nearly everything from there! Earrings made out of Lego bricks, loads of 80ies boots in all shades of brown and fancy tableware. If i had more time, I would have spent the whole day there. And in between the flee-stuff-stands there are some little food stands with delicious food and drinks, from mulled wine to oriental food ! 

@ Kastanienallee
Spending a sunny Sunday afternoon at the Mauerpark, we visited Kreuzberg, which is one of the famous districts of Berlin. It is more like "orient meets occident", with many tiny restaurants serving delicious and fresh international food, which is cheap and good in one. At the restaurant FALAFEL near next to the Görlitzer Bahnhofe - station I had one of the best falafel meal in my life! What a life - in Berlin you can get a proper, fresh-made dinner for €4,50 - awesome! Where elese, if not in Berlin?!

On the following day we visited the Kastanienallee which is recommended from many sides, but I was really disappointed, because I think it is a bit too overrated! No - I wouldn´t recommend it! But - tons of good stuff on the walls, lots of inspiration for future work and creative air!

the idee. store - it´s also possible to visit workshops there
After visiting all the famous and awesome sights  we stopped at the established and famous KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens) - "Department Store of the West". It is comparable with Harrods. The clear and black-white interior design of this department store is just amazing and creates a special shopping-feeling. I bought some nice sequins for my final-work at the idee.-store, which belongs to the KaDeWe, but is situated next to the main building at the Passauer Straße. At this store all possible material for all kinds of crafts could be bought (e.g.sequins, yarns, art equipment, ...). This store has the biggest and latest range of fashion and craft fabrics in Berlin and offers also the matching attachs. Definitely worth visiting it!

Berlin and its curry-sausage

On the whole - Berlin is: impulsive, young, full of inspiration and live history, which can be found in nearly every corner of this city! The young people have a great style (reminds me a bit of the "Neue Deutsche Welle"), which is a mixture of casual vintage clothes (most of them are from the 80ies) with some modern items. It is like wearing mum´s old coat from the late eighties with some lace boots with socks, leggins or jeggins, proper sunglasses, a trendy haircut, red lips and a scarf. All of these clothes you can get at the Mauerpark flee-market every Sunday.

thx for the great time.

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