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4 days in Paris - 4 days full of inspiration

Everyone who has ever visited this city knows what I am talking about. Nearly every little corner in Paris gives you inspiration for what ever you do. It´s just amazing!

ULTRAMOD - just on tiny part of the store

Visiting the old and established ribbon, button, yarn and fabric shop ULTRAMOD was the first stop of the exploring-tour through Paris. Unbelieveable what kinds of ribbons and buttons exsist and that you get them all at ULTRAMOD! At the opposite part of this shop you get great and exclusive millinery equimpment and matching trims.

Starting my research at the GALERIES LAFAYETTE was the next point on my to do list. I was really impressed by the architecture of this historical building and got a really overflash of the lots of people running around and the overloaded stores. Aswell the interior store of the galeries is really impressive and offers a great range of interesting interiors and fancy housewares.

on the top of the GALERIES LAFAYETTE

logo of this year´s Première Vision
On the next morning the main part of the textiles trip took place: for the first time I got into the Première Vision! What a experience - I was speechless, when I saw the huge exhibition hall and the hunderds of little corners! Such a pitty, that it isn´t possible to take photos there (but I can really understand why!). The colour palette for S/S 2013 threw me back to my childhood and my colourful girlie-toys and gave me a new aspect for my current work. The day completed a great dinner at CHARTIER, an established parisienne Restaurant - simply delicious! 

The self-exploring day on Friday the first spot was at a great art store (you get nearly every art equipment there!) and my new favourite place at Paris the MERCI at the Boulevard Beaumarchais. Such a lovely and stylish store with an immense japanese influence and a lovely café inside. What I especially love at this place that it is simple, clear and sturctured. It was a really exhausting day with lots of kilometres walking across Paris and exploring places for my research.

atrium in front of the MERCI store

 At our last few hours before departing on the 4th day I explored the beautiful Marais quater at Paris. Most of the parisienne art galleries and menswear boutiques are situated there. The Marais quater gave me lots of impressions and is still my favourite quater at Paris (since my first visit in 2009). This quater has a special mood and the tiny galleries, cafés and shops gave me a real feeling of the savoir vivre.

impressions from the exploration across the MARAIS quater


On the whole - Paris...

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