Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

collection building

Finally - today I started creating my first knitwear collection. It´s working quite well. Last night - just before going to bed - I had a creative flash of genius! I made some rough sketches for my collection ideas. What a feeling - it´s getting more concretely! I am putting all my ideas together to make a master plan for my ideas. But - still lots of try outs must be done! 

At the moment, besides all the other work, I am working on different trimmings and embellishments for my collection. Trying to do as much as possible, to get the best result. For example, today´s try out with the embellisher worked really good - I´m gonna start loving this machine!!! Still waiting for my leather and denim packet - maybe the postman will deliver it tomorrow. 

ONLY 5 days left - PARIS, I can´t wait breathing your air-which is full of inspiration and creativity-again!

my 1st visit in 2009 - hopefully I´ll get into PALAIS DE TOKYO in 2012

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